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Netting, the anti-blockchain ?

Transferwise got very popular by offering cheaper international money transfer, and clever marketing from the founders, Kristo and Taavet.

The way it initially worked was that, instead of converting your money from say GBP to EUR, they’d wait for the end of the day. There, they will "net" all transfers, ie just

* Swap GBP to EUR between people who asked for the other currency (free of charge for them).

* Proceed to a real GBP->EUR conversion (paying the wholesale FX market price, hence incurring cash out) for the rest of the transfer that wasn’t covered by the balance of EUR<->GBP demand


hat's as well how Central Banks, Mobile Telecom roaming, and a number of markets work. And this requires a central authority to "net" multilateral traffic. Or does it?

Can you have a think about an industry you know well and see if "netting" could be useful?

Or can you think about a netting business model is at play with a central authority is still required?

If yes, you may well have a business idea, so as usual, get in touch so we pair you up with one of our mighty advisor!

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