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Intrapreneur series – The art of creating your own job in a large corporation

Richard Branson famously said he sold the Virgin Music retail chain when he first saw the iPod, thinking physical music distribution was dead. Others, like FNAC stayed put (despite a spin off from Kering Group in 2013), quite possibly thanks to the Intrapreneurship attitude of this man, Victor Jachimowicz Hired in 1961 as a floor salesman, this photo geek started unboxing all the new cameras FNAC wanted to sell, and taking a set of photos in standardized conditions (light, settings,.). This way, he could see how good the camera was for real, and cut through the manufacturer’s sales bullsh*t. Such unique insights boosted his sales credibility, and the credibility of FNAC beyond him. The CEO took notice. So, when Victor pitched him the idea of having a small, 20 sq meters office, and run a permanent testing lab, across all electronic equipment, the FNAC catalog was born. In 5+ countries across Europe, it’s the most respected independent benchmark for electronic equipments, which arguably helped FNAC to survive the retail apocalypse of the last 10 years. Your turn now ; Have you spotted intrapreneurs building their own jobs out of their corporate “host” ? If so, take 5 minute to think about *why* they have succeed - And by the way, please, send me their stories, I started writing a book about Intrapreneurship (more to come on this) Now, take 5 more minutes to think about how how one of your passion could turn into an asset for your “host” company. Just 5 minutes, but do it now. And if your are on to something, get in touch and we’ll peer you up with one of our mighty advisors, who’ll help you shape and pitch your intrapreneurial venture. K̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶i̶n̶g̶, Start doing.


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