WIFI wars

I was seriously pissed off as I lost network connection for the 2nd time on this important call. As I was getting ready to switch from WIFI to a 4G connection, I saw my son passing by my (home) office, tablet in hands, happily videochating with a friend while playing Minecraft.

My Wife, who’s working from home, like millions of people at the moment, came upstairs to complain WIFI was down. Well, not for everyone.

It seems a key feature of video games is to avoid “lagging”, so you can react fast to other players’ moves. You can do that by buying better hardware, changing software settings (eg to increase FPS, or the number of Frames you see Per Seconds). And from what I saw, very possibly from network optimisations / home WIFI bandwidth hacking as well.

I researched my ADSL box features and it appears you can’t throttle selectively bandwidth per device on most WIFI routers. Why not?! I see myself setting just 1 hour of WIFI per kid and per day. Or slightly more mischievous, a 20% total bandwith allocation per kid, that fluctuates from 0 to 20 every minute or so (you need to have kids stealing your bandwidth to understand why someone would want to go to such nasty extremes).

Note : It may require a bit of hardware knowledge, as I’m not convinced this can be solved purely via software. So on this business idea, I’d be calling either IP lawyers to go to Telco on a license/royalty basis, or electronic/radiowaves engineers to hack it up. And I already know the perfect Founders Basecamp advisor for this one, a man who tried to build his own quantum computer in his garage (Hi Patrick :D). Who’s up on this one ?

K̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶i̶n̶g̶, Start doing.